Kata Asmany & Peter Off


Orders are delivered
by post at a standard
price of 2000 HUF
throughout Hungary.


All our works are
handmade and we usually
make everything to orders.
Our products are
only available
in limited quantities.


We have no say over prices
fixed by our retailers.
Each of our products are
made individually, so only
slight reduction of prices
can be offered in case of
large order quantities.


Sorry, we are not going to
give our artistic secrets
away:) We use high-quality
materials and our own
unique technologies. Feel
free to contact us if you
have any questions or
problems - we'll be more
than happy to help you!
HoldNapután on Facebook Peter Off's website about candles Kata Asmany as musician website of musicbox Peter Off's blog about photography Peter Off's blog about photography Kata Asmany as musician Peter Off's China travel blog Peter Off's jewelry Peter Off's China travel blog Peter Off's jewelry
"the day after tomorrow" in Hungarian is "holnapután"            
and "the Moon after the Sun" is "a Hold a Nap után"            
from these expressions colluded our own workshop's name "HoldNapután"            

We can't label ourselves to one particular craft, nor would we like to - that would mean excluding ourselves
from all others! We regard ourselves as artists without any further specification - artists who enjoy expressing
themselves in a lot of different art forms.
Kata is a musician by profession, Peter is a literature teacher. Self-education and continuous improvement
has always been very important to us not only in our profession but in everything else we do.
Our meeting was a turning point in both of our lives, and our mutual inspiration, teaching and reflecting
of the other will hopefully continue being a great source of joy for us for a long time.

... and for you as well, once you've found us :-)

Kata Asmany's website >>>

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Peter Off's website >>>

Many thanks to everyone who has helped and supported us so far:

She infatigably paints around us her enchanted world, where now this website and the candles can take us as well. We immensely appreciate her help and hope she feels our support. Admire her graphics on her blog >>>

He is the owner of Fanyűvész Kézműves Műhely (woodcraft shop), who taught us how to make musical boxes. his website >>>

We wouldn't be able to turn our ideas into reality without his technological innovations. We are glad to have the chance to work with him.

Thank you guys for your patience!