Kata Asmany & Peter Off


Orders are delivered
by post at a standard
price of 2000 HUF
throughout Hungary.


All our works are
handmade and we usually
make everything to orders.
Our products are
only available
in limited quantities.


We have no say over prices
fixed by our retailers.
Each of our products are
made individually, so only
slight reduction of prices
can be offered in case of
large order quantities.


Sorry, we are not going to
give our artistic secrets
away:) We use high-quality
materials and our own
unique technologies. Feel
free to contact us if you
have any questions or
problems - we'll be more
than happy to help you!
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"the day after tomorrow" in Hungarian is "holnapután"            
and "the Moon after the Sun" is "a Hold a Nap után"            
from these expressions colluded our own workshop's name "HoldNapután"            
HoldNapután Művészeti Műhely / ARTISTIC WORKSHOP "HOLDNAPUTÁN"

Kata Asmany & Peter Off


Message and fax: +36 22 440 440 (Kata Asmany)

Phone: +36 20 9 730 840 (Peter Off)

Candle and jewellery artisian workshop: 2038 Sóskút, Jókai utca 18.
Musicbox artisian workshop: 8042 Moha, Fő utca 88/b.